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Supra Lorad

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Supra Rondo 3x2.5 Mark II
LoRad means LOw RADiation and minimize both electrical and magnetic fields. LoRad protects both from fields radiating from the cable and pick-up of surrounding noise fields, e.g. wireless and mobile phones, radio broadcasts, etc. LoRad MkII is a development of the Lorad concept, now with even improved shielding properties, flexibility, bend-resistance and strength.

The radiation is lowered by means of two techniques. First the shield minimizing the alternating electrical fields from the cable. It also minimizes the RF pick-up (Radio Frequency). The magnetic fields are cancelled by twisting the conductors in a short pitch.

The benefits are cleaner sound, pronounced transients and an improved 3D soundstage. We also hear customers describe more detailed sound and we are not surprised. If your equipment is installed using SUPRA cables, the noise floor is generally suppressed by several dB, allowing more of the content to be revealed. Low radiating cables is also increasingly important from a health point of view. Science has proven that alternating magnetic fields affects cell growth.

The biggest differences between Lorad MkII and the old Lorad cable, is that it is now based on SUPRA’s unique Nylon screen concept. Semiconducting Nylon Screen provides improved shielding properties, bending strength, environmental immunity, higher tensile strength and less microphonic effect. The Nylon screen is connected with a drain-wire. We have tested and evaluated all known types of screens for making such a good cable as possible. SUPRA’s semi-conductive Nylon screen was the only one that passed the safety requirements and, moreover, its shielding properties was best in test. LoRad MkII is tested and certified by Intertek Sweden, meeting the European safety regulation HD21.5 S3.

Applications: • Hi-Fi and studios • Medical equipment • Laboratories • EHS (electro hypersensitivity) • Noise critical installations
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