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Yamamoto PB-9 Setting base

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HK$465.00/Quad Set (4 pcs)


PB-9 Product pin type base made from the Africa ebony
It is a pinpoint base of the diameter of 32mm of the Africa ebony used for oboe etc. Or combining PB-10, it places under a speaker, amplifier, etc. and a sound quality improvement can be performed. The effect that specific gravity tightens sound by the pinpoint support effect for 1.4 and the strong, very heavy quality of the material becomes large. The height of 19mm and a spike part of the height of a main part is 5mm.

External form measure: the diameter 34 mm the height: 19 mm / height of the pin department: 5 mm
Material: the African ebony (specific gravity about 1.4)
Manufacturer YAMAMOTO